Beach Caravan in Lefkada

Details & Location

The Beach Caravan is located in a private land front of the beach of Saint John Beach, the kite surfer’s paradise of Lefkada! Your door is ten (10!) lazy meters from the waterfront… Relax on the beach, walk in the woods right behind, and forget all the rest! Living beside the water is a unique feeling. The area is safe from cars or other vehicles passing by, leaving you mostly with few people and families at the front on the beach. The pristine crystal clear waters have a such beautiful color that you will want to dive directly in! The big garden gives the opportunity to really live on the outside, offering a lot of space for kids to play, for BBQ, partying, extra camping etc. In the caravan there are two double beds, and a small bathroom. In the garden outside the caravan there is a separate room that we use as a kitchen (fully equipped) & an outside shower. There are plenty of tables and chairs for the garden, and loads of nature everywhere around.

  • Accommodation: 2 Double Beds, Small Bathroom
  • Equipment: Kitchen, Shower, BBQ, Space for kid play
  • Availability: May-October


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