We strongly feel that a well-balanced and healthy nutrition can make your vacation even more enjoyable and rewarding. That is why we have opened a catering business: φ | foodpath that specialises in healthy cooking & catering. Our cooking team is formed by well-experienced chefs in various styles. We constantly search for organic ingredients and focus in delicious, locally-grown products in order to support the small producers of the area of West Coast Greece.

φ | foodpath is an initiative that aims to promote alternative and healthy food behaviours that nourish the body and the mind. Located on the island of Lefkada, and operating all over Greece and abroad, φ | foodpath offers its services, whether cooking on demand, catering, private dinners in secret locations, cooking classes and long term food retreats.

In φ | foodpath we believe that all of us are responsible of what we eat and how. Ιn modern societies we seem to have forgotten the healing power our nutrition holds and we seek the remedy for disease elsewhere than on our daily table. Modern food industry produces food in a harmful way towards humans and the ecosystem. Our mission is to reverse the effects of the above, by inspiring people to adapt a different food behaviour. Thanks to our Greek origins and the connection with our ancestors and the natural environment, we seek to rediscover the lost balance and happiness that derives from a well nourished self.

We are offering services in hotels, sailing boats, yoga-meditation retreats and organise dinners/events in unique locations. You can choose your meals from Macrobiotics, Ayurvedic, Raw, World, Vegetarian or Greek-Mediterranean cuisine made from the best local products. We are also organising cooking classes to share the joy of healthy cooking with our guests.

  • For more info & bookings for your retreat or private event, feel free to visit φ | foodpath