Kriya Yoga Meditation Retreat: Lefkada Island, Greece. 02 – 12/05 (11 days) @ Ellas Retreat Lefkada, Greece

Guidance by Basu


Why learn Kriya? By practise the technique Kriya, the mind returns to harmony. In addition, Hatha Yoga Movement (asanas) brings the body into balance. In this retreat the initial level of Kriya Yoga practice will be given. Full initiation can be given. The course contains of a structured practice of Kriya Yoga and Mindfulness meditation combined with Kriya Hatha Yoga, Nidra Yoga, Bhajans and Healthy food.

Silent retreat? The purpose of Kriya Yoga is to develop inner silence. Keeping noble silence for 10 days will support this development so much. We will keep silence inside the meditation centre after day 1.  Small conversations to a walk outside the centre is understood.

Kriya Yoga belongs to the inner level of yoga ‘meditation’ and was first described by Patanjali in his “Yoga Sutras” 400 BC. The practice is based on the breath, the attention and the 7 chakras. Through the practice of Kriya Yoga the human evolution is enhanced and Samadhi can be attained. The secret lies in the subtle connection between the breath and consciousness. Kriya Yoga was made famous in the west by Paramahansa Yogananda. His book “Autobiography of a Yogi” became a ‘must read’ for all who are interested in yoga


Basu left aside his work and lifestyle with programming etc, after he had a glimpse of awakening somewhere in the west coast of America. Then he traveled with the intention to understand the Self, he is practising Kriya Yoga from 1997 and in 2002 he was initiated in Kriya Yoga by Swami Shankarananda Giri. The last years many teachers appear on his way, such as Guruji from the Indian Tantric tradition, Prem baba, Mooji and others.

He is an experienced teacher and has been giving courses and retreats in yoga and meditation in India, Thailand, Greece and Austria since 2000. In 2008 Swami Shankarananda Giri gave him the allowance to introduce and guide others into Kriya Yoga. Also Guruji Rajkumar Baswar has beeing Basu’s teacher who has  given permisions and guidelines for teaching Tantra meditation and organising Sadhanas for people that are interest.



The Retreat


20160313_110518The place

Lefkada island is famous for its beauty and is surrounded by sandy beaches. Our Retreat house in Neochori, is in perfect surroundings in the central mountains. Possibility for daily walks with spectacular views and lots of peace and silence.




Our catering service φ | foodpath will provide for you a super healthy menu. The proposed vegetarian breakfast and dinner will be rich in superfoods and local products, all of them organically grown.



Calendar (You are free to participate in as much of the program as you feel for)

Arrival 02/5

Program starts after breakfast 03/5

Program ends early morning 12/5

Depature 12/5

Daily Schedule

Early Morning: 1h – Kriya Yoga (1.5h for the initiated)

20min – Sun Salutation

After Breakfast: 45min – Bhajans

30min  Mindfulness Meditation

30min – Kriya Talk

30min – Kriya Yoga


Afternoon practice

1h – Serva

2h – Kriya Hatha Yoga & Nidra Yoga.


Evening practice

1h – Kriya Yoga (1.5h for the initiated)


Workshop Costs (11 days Kriya Yoga Retreat with food & accommodation):

Private room & bathroom: 735€

Private room / shared bathroom: 619€

Shared room / shared bathroom: 443€/person


Payment and Registration:

Please fill the booking form on book now section to register your place.

A deposit of 20% is necessary to be paid in advance.

The deposit can be returned only if you have cancelled up to 30 days before the start of the course.


Contact us for details:

Antonis Raptis: T: +30 6974903305 / E:

Basu: E:


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