Scuba Diving

Availability: May - Oct

The Ionian Sea is famous for its crystal clear waters and also for its beautiful seabed. Many tourists who visit the West Coast of Greece choose to make diving part of their holiday and they submerge into the waters of the Ionian Sea to admire the underwater world. The Gulf of Paleros provide security and interesting places to see while diving.

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to breathe underwater? Come along to the pool for your free trial session, available to all persons, aged eight years and over. Ionian Scuba is a PADI Gold Palm Resort. We offer a full range of diving activities, including PADI certification. They are all conducted by PADI certified instructors or dive-masters, who will guide you through both theoretical and practical aspects of scuba diving. We have high quality Mares equipment, which is supplied complete for all dives and snorkeling. Additionally, we fill our tanks using high quality compressors from Paramina, the first company in Greece to manufacture screw compressors.

Live as well the experience of the underwater world, learn the secrets of diving securely, from the instructors of the diving school Submerged Scuba. Choose your level of education, from introductory diving programs for beginners to the most advanced programs accredited from PADI. Also you can take our tour boat nearby, for swimming, snorkeling or just take you day off by seeing all the magnificent islands and places that we offer through or boat ride.

There is a choice of different activities such as:

• Bubble maker:
Children’s program familiarity with underwater activities through playing and appropriate education.

Lesson Review:
For certified divers who want to refresh their knowledge.

Application program DSD:
Basic theory course, use of diving equipment and diving in the Gulf of Paleros.

• Scuba Diver course:
Train how to dive up to 12m. Be certified PADI diver, update to next level.
– 3 theory lessons
– 3 practical pool lessons
– 2 dives offshore

Open water diver course:
Get globally recognized degree SCUBA until the 18m.
– 5 theory lessons
– 5 practical pool lessons
– 4 dives offshore

•  Advanced open water:
Expand your abilities in the water, learning orientation and techniques for specific tasks under water (shooting, lifting items, night diving, etc).
– 5 theory lessons
– 5 dives offshore

•  Rescue Diver:
Training techniques for rescuing people and first aid.
– 5 theory lessons
– 5 practical lessons (rescue scenarios) with diving offshore

Dive Master course:
Become a perfectly competent diver, a professional diver. Gain capacity to train new divers and able to work around the world.

•  Swimming tour (with mask and snorkel):
Join us on board and get ready you’re going to dive into the best parts of the Sea of Paleros.

Recreational Diving.
Travelingto specific dive sites. For certified divers of all levels.

Marine tour boat.
Make by boat a destination of your choice.

Dive Destinations

The «Submerged Scuba» takes you to dive sites that offer security and interesting dive material, such sites are: the Holy Friday, the islets Adelfonisia, Saint John, the culmination, the Nisopoula and other areas selected according to their level. All our dive sites are accessed by boat, providing an excellent opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Greek coastline. Come along for a dive or arrange a boat trip to the location of your choice. We are based on the beach, where our friendly team is available to answer any of your questions. Alternatively, please contact us for more information.

«Submerged Scuba»

The school, is approved by the best high quality certification agencies (PADI, Bureau Veritas) the continuous quality improvement of equipment and the further information and training of our trainers, recognize us as a 5 star diving school.

*Most photos taken from Urbanhypsteria and my friend Yorgos Nounesis and other photos and videos made from Dimitris Goltsis