Theta Healing – 3 days Workshop – Lefkada, 27 – 30 July 2017
Basic Level – Basic DNA
Teacher: Vivi Nira Katsanou


Your beliefs are the matrix upon which your entire reality lies. Beliefs are the energy that underlies the creation of your thoughts, your thoughts are what create your feelings, and your feelings are what create your actions and behaviours. A large part of the Theta-healing technique deals with this very matrix—the ‘secret’ of instantly changing your beliefs has the power to change your life!

This technique allows the practitioner to access their own deep meditative state of the theta brain wave making it easier to receive intuitive information about a clients health or life situation. The practitioner then works with and through the energy of unconditional love to assist the client in transforming and changing the emotions, beliefs and energies that are contributing to their current imbalance. Theta healing can be used for creating physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental healing.

Teacher CV

My name is Vivi Nira Katsanou. I started my journey on the spiritual path in 2002, as i was dealing with a serious disease. Today i enjy a healthy life with a deep understanding of my feelings and experiences, with success and abundance.

Since 2007, I own a Master Reiki Diploma and i practice it as a teacher.
I have been educated in hypnosis using David Elman’s Technique and i practice healing by recursion to past lives with significant results during the last 10 years.
I also practice the magnificent Parts Therapy Healing.
I am a certified healer and educator for Theta Healing from my teacher Vianna Stibal, who inspired and organised this important healing technique.



  • Friday 27 July > 10.30 – 18.30
  • Saturday 28 July > 10.30 – 18-30
  • Sunday 29 July > 10.30 – 18-30

Two 20min. breaks and a long 1-hour lunch break at 14.30 – 15.30

Accommodation and Catering Fees

Two Single Beds Room: 50 €
Three Single Beds Room: 40 €
Private Double Bed Room: 65 €

Tuition Fees

First Time Participation: 220.00€
Second Time Participation: 60.00€
For those that have participated in Theta – Healing from other teachers: 120.00€

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